Monday, February 23, 2009

PPC Classroom

It seems that every time a new program is launched in the world of Internet marketing, I'll get a bevvy of emails from clients, associates and friends asking for my take on it. The latest questions surround the (re) launch of PPC Classroom.

Anik Singal and Amit Mehta are the guys behind it. I haven't had personal dealings with Amit, but I've known Anik from a distance and really believe he is not only a class act but have seen firsthand he is driven by the idea of helping others.

I know several people that signed up with
PPC Classroom v.1. They, and their results, fall into various categories as can be expected. One of these people signed up because she was interested in learning more effective PPC strategies. She is not an affiliate marketer but has her own line of products and several sites. She also has an affiliate program of her own and wanted to be able to give better advice to her affiliates who use PPC for promotion. She has been very happy with the results and the knowledge she gained. I know a couple of people who promote CPA offers rather than traditional affiliate deals. Again, they were happy with the results. A couple of others I checked back with said they had no results but they hadn't actually either gone through the materials never mind followed the advice. Granted this is a rather small sampling but Anik & Amit have many, many people who have come forward with assorted testimonials of their success. I've yet to see or hear of anyone that actually followed the program who didn't see results. It's like anything else though, if you don't take action, you won't see results.

Anik & Amit have released 2 very interesting things - both of which are entirely free. The first is a report that gives the 5 fatal flaws most people make with PPC/affiliate marketing. If you do any kind of PPC advertising, I recommend reading it. Just one part of it - about how you select keywords - can have a huge impact on your results if you make this mind shift.

The other thing they have made available is a recording of a webinar they did. I did not personally attend/view it. However, my business partner did. He took notes and shared them with me. The webinar gives a really good overview of using PPC advertising in affiliate marketing. For many people, the webinar on its own may provide enough information to get started. One part of it deals with how to adjust your bids on ads - and that alone can be the difference between the success (or failure) with PPC advertising.

The basic part of the program will be made available for free. There will be an upsell to an going monthly membership program (that is reasonably priced as compared to similar programs). In my opinion, it's a no brainer. At least check out the 2 free things I mentioned above and then you can make your own decisions from there when
PPC Classroom launches.

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