Friday, April 17, 2009

FollowFriday Rockstars

One of the things I love most about Twitter is how it can bring out the best in so many people. In my tweets I use "rockstar" quite a bit. I also blip a few songs about rockstars going out to my tweeps. To me a rockstar is someone who simply shines. Something beautiful and wonderful comes out from them. It is not about follower count. It's not about how often they tweet. It's not even really what they tweet about. It's about people that really help make Twitter what it is by simply being who they are.

Last week, I introduced you to a dozen amazing women. This week I want to share with you an assortment of men from around the globe & with different interests and tweeting styles. Each of these men is truly unique. Hopefully after you read what I have to say about each of them, you'll find yourself wanting to follow some or all of them yourself.

Minervity - For the ladies reading this, the first thing you'll notice is Richard's avatar is simply hot. ;) For many of you, that many not be enough reason to follow him. Richard is simply one extremely cool guy & one of the nicest people you can come across on Twitter. He's one of a handful of people I check their tweets daily. Richard tweets on a variety of subjects. One of my favorite recent ones was a nice article on how to work through exhaustion - something many of us could use help with from time to time. Richard has a varied creative background. He started out a songwriter/producer when he was 12 & signed to Sony Music (he still writes & produces music for artists such as American Idol, Swedish, German Idol & Lutricia McNeal). To date, Richard has sold about 10 million albums. Over the past decade, Richard has been working as a graphic/logo/icon designer. He also programs & works with 3D, flash and database development.

IAmKhayyam - Khayyam is one interesting dude. The tweeting side of him is just one aspect of this really super guy I am proud to call my friend. This guy is truly a renaissance man. His wisdom spans across pretty much everything and he's quite phenomenal at all of them. There's something about him that just makes you want to connect with him. He has an amazing energy that you want to be a part of and witness. You know - the old soul in a young body feel? That's him. A connoisseur of all things fine, it trickles nicely over to his design work. He's a print and identity designer that will get you noticed. But to call him just a designer is limiting. The side projects that he's working on will be definitely something to watch out for. He's an idea man. A thinker. Someone who will challenge you in ways you never thought of.

BuySellDomains - John is an incredible sweetie. Someone I had come across before Twitter but has gradually becoming a friend. He really makes an effort to support his friends - which is an admirable quality in anyone. John does web site design and is gradually making his mark in the domain industry. He's interested in health issues & natural stuff. He also is an animal lover and proudly owned by one little kitty.

Arodomus - Arod may seem like a strange choice to include if you look at his stream. (If you are easily offended you may want to avoid his stream.) He's one of the early people I connected with on Twitter. He's a normal guy with a heart of gold that shares his day to day life in his tweets as opposed to someone that interacts. He's just someone I find myself wanting to cheer on as he gets himself back in shape & celebrates life every day. If you follow him, you can't help but start to find yourself cheering him on.

AndySowards - Andy is a doting dad to 3 beautiful kids, a loving husband to his wife, a great friend that you can rely on and a simply mahvelous tweeter. He’s a freelance web designer and the selfless provider of the Web Development Nerdy Daily Links; a huge collection of links, tips, resources, tutorials and inspiration that he collects and shares with web designers the world over, every day. Andy produces extremely high quality custom Web 2.0 sites, Web Applications, e-Commerce Solutions & Wordpress blogs. He's done work for my businesses & clients - top notch job. One client was so thrilled, he even wrote a birthday song when Andy finished up a job on his birthday :)

BrianCray - Brian is a super dooper all around nice guy. Someone I'm just starting to get to know. Brian is a web ninja with a mix of marketing and web development knowledge that will karate chop straight through 5 thick cardboard boxes. He uses his knowledge to help businesses with everything web 2.0. He is the guy behind and Brian is working on a book that is due out later this year - something I can't wait to read & tweet about myself!

TonyBlakeLive - Tony's tweets can be a little out there at times. He has a wicked sense of humor. Tony was a friend well before Twitter. We reconnected after I found him on Twitter. What can I say about Tony? He is one of the original Internet gurus while avoiding the guru type mentality. He combines his expertise with mentalism with some kick-ass marketing expertise to be top notch. Beneath the tough outer shell, Tony is a real sweet, stand-up guy who is loyal to his friends and always willing to go the extra distance.

There are many other people I wanted to include on this list. But there's always next #FollowFriday for that :)

Of course, you're more than welcome to follow me too :) I tweet a lot. I try to interact with followers to the extent I can. I spin tunes at I share links I think are interesting. I'm a news junkie, voracious consumer of information - much of it useless but that which amuses me in some way.

For information on what #followfriday is, you can read here.
For information on why I do this weekly list, you can read here


Brian Cray said...

Yay - first to comment! Thanks for the mention. I feel like such a rock star!

Richard Darell said...

Such an honor! I am not sure I fit in with all these awesome and cool cats listed here. Most of them are really great friends of mine and their hearts are bigger then anyone can imagine.

Once again. I am so honored to be mentioned. Thank you dear!

cbedon said...

Great list of people here, I follow most of them and no yourself as well. These people offer great info (links) and are interactive.

Andy Sowards said...

Thanks for the mention and the kind words Sharon! Great list as always! Thanks for giving so much to the twitter community! :)

Trina said...

i think it's fantastic that you take the time to recognize your follow-friday faves in such depth. it's clear that you know them well, and it's also clear that you don't favor folks who are the usual FF tweeps you see on many lists (nothing personal against the Rockstarts, but it's refreshing to see names that haven't come across my stream.) i'm now following each of these folks because i'm intrigued. looking forward to their contributions!

ARodomus said...

Hey Sharon,

Cool blog entry. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that I motivate the cheerleader side of you. Pretty cool to see your point of view. I could probably cut down on the cursing on my tweets, though I generally put *** in places to soften them up.. LOL... It's nice to know you, and I will interact more. My posts go to facebook, and a host of other sites as well, and I do interact alot there, especially facebook.. Due to the mobile tool they have it's easy to reply and so on... Trying out "ubertwitter" now... Hugs....

Gregory Gunther said...

My question is how can I get on your good side. Being on your list would 'make' me a rockstar.

Best of luck to you.