Sunday, May 29, 2011

So You Wanna Win At Empire Avenue?

I was curious to know what the top performers on Empire Avenue are doing activity wise in order to generate the high dividend pay-outs and share prices they are.

I went through the top 25 I own shares in in terms of share price. I did not include those with a weekly dividend yield under 0.80%. I was curious about the activity levels. What follows are the weekly averages of the 25:

EA: 379 --- high 803

FB Posts: 117 -- high 311

FB Comments: 115 -- high 409

FB Likes: 295 -- high 1008

FB Page posts: 30 -- note only 9 of the 25 have FB Pages which recorded activity for the week -- high 70

FB Page Comments: 30 -- high 640

FB Page Likes: 254 -- high 551

Tweets: 462 -- high 1968

Flickr: 14 -- note only 14 of the 25 had Flickr activity for the week -- high 34

YouTube: 74 -- high 213

Blog Posts: 453 - note 2 did not have blog posts -- high 1495

Avg Share Price: 126.15

Avg Div/Share: 1.37

Note: To avoid distorting averages, I only based the above #'s on the average of people with activity.

Although there are a lot of other factors that comprise the EA "secret sauce" hopefully this can give you at least an idea of activity levels of some of the top performers on Empire Avenue.