Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Twitter Funnies

One of my followers, Kim Brame, needed some cheering up so I put out an SOS for others to chime in with some funnies. Rather than RT them all I thought I might share them here. Since I didn't do a #followfriday blog post this week, this might help some of you find some new people too.

MaraBG @KimBrame @SharonHayes Fed Govt has sent an email re: swine flu warning about canned pork... Don't worry, it's just SPAM!!

ClaireBoyles where's @darraghdoyle when u need him? :) <-- apparently a very funny guy ;)

arthurtaubo @SharonHayes, @kimbrame, listen to this one,, and look at this film Kim,

mikeconaty @SharonHayes @kimbrame took a while to find it again: | Makes me chuckle anyway :-)

personified @kimbrame: As a child, my mother found me one day with a mouth full horse manure -- I thought it was chocolate? (funny @Sharonhayes) :P

Linda_Sgoluppi @KimBrame @sharonHayes Re Kim's cheerup, light relief, read in Glasgow accent, canna shove your granny off a bus

merlebowers @SharonHayes @kimbrame Horse walks into a bar, bartender says, "Hey buddy, why the long face?" @SharonHayes @kimbrame Mafia put a contract out on Einstein, apparently he knew too much.

thenewpast @kimbrame @Sharonhayes a joke for the smiles -