Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Useful Links to Twitter Statistics

Today we have a guest post by Kirsty Wilson of http://www.interimbusiness.com.au/

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Twitter is all about building connections with like-minded people and the focus is more about the individual rather than the business. However, it seems to be a fairly organic process that just naturally directs visitors to your website that are curious about the business behind the avatar and the personality.

In my short time tweeting I have discovered and utilise a number of links to review various statistics about my tweeting time; the ‘Followers’ I have attracted and the individuals I am ‘Following’. Here are some of my favourites and the information they provide:

http://tweetstats.com/ Displays your tweeting in a number of graph forms – a tweeting timeline can be viewed (since you commenced); your tweet density (days/time); Aggregate daily and hourly tweets; the top 10 Tweeters you reply to and the various interfaces you may use to Tweet.

http://twittercounter.com/ Displays much the same data as Tweetstats but also makes available the number of new Followers added in a day and the average growth per day. It will also make a prediction of how many Followers you will have the following day.

http://twitter.grader.com/ Displays where you are ranked out of all Twitter users world wide. (When writing this the total was 1,823,407). A ‘Tweet Cloud’ is also present. A ‘Tweet Cloud’ for those that do not know, is a list of dominant feature words you have used in your posts. It will also present you with a grade out of 100 and lists a number of ‘Suggested Folks to Follow’.

http://twitterholic.com/ Displays your ranking by Followers and then your ranking for your location. You can see where other local Tweeters fall within the rank.

http://mytweetcloud.com/ Displays all dominant #hashtags used during your posts. By adding a hashtag to any word or phrase, will allow real time tracking. For example some that I use frequently include #followfriday #travel #business #virtualassistant and you can search for other Tweeters that are tweeting the same topics. It’s a great way to find new Followers and make connections. Note: this site appears to be currently down.

http://twitter-friends.com/ Displays your relevant network and some stats about your tweeting behaviour compared to other Twitter users. It provides a list of the top 10 people you reply to and the top 10 people that reply to you. It clearly defines who is part of the ‘gang’!

http://www.twitalyzer.com/ Displays your activity in percentages over 5 categories, being - influence, signal, generosity, velocity, clout (How this is measured and the definition of each can be seen in detail visiting the above mentioned site)

http://twitterratio.com/ Displays the Twitter Ratio and is the ratio of your followers to friends (or people who you follow). It is measured with the TFF Ratio (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio). The higher the ratio, the more Twitter heat you pack.

http://happytweets.com/ Displays a happiness score and a short description as to your happiness or maybe, unhappiness! Generally, a Tweeter with a score of 700 plus are the happiest Tweeters and the least happy, will display a score of 100 or below. My score for some time has hovered around 560 ‘Ridiculously Happy’!

Lastly, I wanted to share the fact that I analyse my own Website statistics and during the 3 months I have been involved with Twitter, the traffic to my website has almost doubled. The pages that were once viewed the most (Home & About Us) has had a huge shift to the ‘Services’ page being viewed significantly more than it ever has during the past 3.5 years and there has been a large increase in the number of visitors ‘saving to favourites’. “Social Media is truly awesome!”

About Kirsty
Kirsty Wilson, established Interim Business Solutions in 2005 when a need was recognised that small businesses and professionals were wishing to access virtual, temporary or ongoing administration support that allowed them to develop a close working relationship with the one service provider, without having to go down the path of employing some one. With more than 18 years experience across all areas of Business Administration, Kirsty believes she is extremely well equipped to deliver high level support offering a range of services. You can follow/thank Kirsty for this great list on Twitter here.